Victoria Station-Hangout (27.05.14) selfie :)

Victoria Station-Hangout selfie :)  The other visitor went left before I remembered to ask for a pic :(

Karen and I took a selfie before she left for the evening! thanks Karen šŸ™‚ The other visitor left before I remembered to ask for a pic šŸ˜¦
You will be glad to know that this Hangout, the first for Victoria was a success as far as Karen and the other visitor were concerned. We talked about most things ‘singles’ from our deal breakers, what things we were looking for, what kind of person we wish to meet, experiences in and of church and a host of other stuff. I didn’t get the permission of the other visitor to mention his/her name but the feedback was that the event was worth the while and that both would be returning on June 10th, 2014 for the Victoria Hangout. I hope you too will be able to make it. Share this with a friend and encourage him/her to join you.

I would like to challenge each guy who reads this to bring two guys you know to the next Hangout you attend and for the sisters to bring their single male friends (whom they are obviously not interested in dating ) as they may find a sister they would like to date at the Hangout).

I hope to see you at the next event!



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