Fourth Meet-Up on Easter Monday, April 21st 2014 at Catford Costa Coffee

The fourth meet-Up was another success!…indeed!…even though I was the only visitor 🙂 I  was reminded of the all-too-familiar Easter-tradition of spending as much time as possible with family! As a single it was an opportunity for me to pray for my own family and to pray for singles asking God for the same! For this reason alone, the fourth meet  (even though I was the only person present) was a roving success!! Needless to say, God did hear my prayer! The answer will, though, will find , neither you nor I sitting in the comfort of our  habitations. Your answer, my answer, is likely to find us in a meet Up like this Hangout or in some other form of human-interaction setting. So as you continue to trust God for the answer of that someone with whom  to share the rest of your life with, please remember that your answer is more likely to find you interacting with other Singles. I look forward to an interesting conversation with you at one of the Hangouts!

If the Hangout is one that starts soon, in your neighbourhood or elsewhere , I pray you’ll enjoy the experience of interacting with other single Christians towards forming friendships that would lead towards marriage!

You can make it happen! Please drop me a line and let’s discuss how we may , together , spread the benefits of this Hangout concept to your local area Singles! You never know , your husband- or wife-to-be may be living on the same street as you, just a Hangout away!




2 thoughts on “Fourth Meet-Up on Easter Monday, April 21st 2014 at Catford Costa Coffee

  1. On Monday 28.4.14, I attended the Catford Christian Singles Hangout. I was pleasantly surprised by the warm welcome from the Host Joseph and the friendly surroundings. Moreover, the interesting topics and depth of conversation that we had really made it worthwhile meeting! Hopefully, a lot more single Christians will do likewise….

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