Third ‘Hangout-experience’ ; another success!!

Like in the first two Hangout-experiences, I was just as delighted with the third one , held last evening , the usual, Costa Coffee, Catford. We had one visitor, new at that! We had a great time chatting and there were surprises; out of confidentiality, I’m not saying anymore :). This is one of the benefits of an event like this one. You just not know what to expect 🙂 My belief in the need for and subsequent continuation of such an event-concept continues to grow and be solidified. You may ask, why the few number at the third event?. Good question! I wide to say that, this is the typical experience with every new venture. It’s simply got to begin small, with people warming to the idea. This requires, needless to say, time.

Last evening’s visitor appreciated the fact that the event is set in an open, safe space in addition to the ‘regular’ factor.
It doesn’t need to be over-emphasised that relationship-building begins with friendship-building, friendship-building requires key resources of time and effort, mostly.

A warm welcome to the ‘skeptic’ to come round and check us out at our first Hangout , in Catford, South London. Alternatively, drop me a line at or better yet, a ‘whatsapp-chat’ on 07903229719 (You’ve guessed it, I’m rather hooked to ‘whatsapp’ now!. i may miss your call hence the benefit of a whatsapp conversation).

It’s got to be for a great thing for someone! That could be you!

We can have a chat about how you can adopt this concept in your local area too!

Let’s get the conversation going!



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