Second ‘Hangout-experience’ ; another success!!

I was delighted with the second ‘Hangout’ experience this, last Monday-evening!, that is April 7th 2014! We had two visitors this time round. One repeat visitor who brought a friend along. Thanks visitor, number one (who still wishes to remain anonymous 🙂 .

What are the benefits of  this, ‘Hangout Concept-event’ ? Words that come to mind would include,’cool’, ‘funky’,’regular’, ‘laid-back’, ‘safe’,’relaxed’, let your hair loose’, ‘fun’,’bring-friend’,’laugh’,’come again’,’build-friendships’,’be a friend’, ‘be the friend you want to find in another’, ‘affordable’,’local”light’, and,’no pressure’ , or ‘just-enough-pressure’ (depending on how your perspective) among other words that should come to mind later.

It’s for these reasons/rationales that I really believe in the concept of this weekly event. It doesn’t need to be over-emphasised that relationship-building begins with friendship-building, friendship-building requires key resources of time and effort, mostly.

This ‘Hangout concept’ allows an environment in which these variables, so to speak, play out in each event. Without putting down your Church’s Single Events, I’d like you to consider how often your Church’s Single event allows these important variables to play out? not to ‘put-down’ these events at all.  Please don’t get me wrong, I’ve met lots of lovely people, made great friendships and continue to do so through Church-events. They, clearly, do have a limitation , when it comes to the core need of today’s busy , up and down Single Christian. These Church/Church-related Single events, as much as they are great, they are often far in between and the times between these events can often be characterised as ‘frustration-building’ times when it’s very easy for a Single Christian to feel lost and lonely. This is where the extra-benefits of this ‘Hangout-concept’ come into play. At this critical moment, the ‘Hangout-event’ takes on a function of ‘encouragement’, an outlet for one to come into the Company of like-minded Single Christians sharing a common-need, the need and search for a life-long partner, a wife , a husband, to be precise. 😊

The  Hangout-concept’ like any concept, will have it’s limitations too. However, the benefits it affords today’s Single Christian are, clearly and relatively, more than the less-regular Social event that you and I  have heard-about or become accustomed to.

I’d wish to extend a warm welcome to the ‘skeptic’ to come round and check us out at our first Hangout , in Catford, South London. Alternatively, drop me a line at or better yet, a ‘whatsapp-chat’ on 07903229719 (You’ve guessed it, I’m rather hooked to ‘whatsapp’ now!. i may miss your call hence the benefit of a whatsapp conversation).

We can have a chat about how you can adopt this concept in your local area too!

Let’s get the conversation going!


Joseph O.


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