Benefits of this ‘Hangout Concept’ of events for Single Christians?

What are the benefits of  this, ‘Hangout Concept-event’ ? Words that come to mind would include,’Friendship-building!’, ’cool’, ‘funky’,’regular’, ‘laid-back’, ‘safe’,’relaxed’, let your hair loose’, ‘fun’, ‘bring-a-friend’,’laugh’,’come again’,’be a friend’, ‘be the friend you want to find in another’, ‘affordable’,’local,’ light’, and,’no pressure’ , or ‘just-enough-pressure’ (depending on how your perspective) among other words that should come to mind later 🙂

It’s for these ‘reasons/rationales’ that I really believe in the concept of this weekly event. It doesn’t need to be over-emphasised that relationship-building begins with friendship-building, friendship-building requires key resources of time and effort, mostly.


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