Statement of Vision and Values


To be recognised as a Social-catalyst in delivering regular hangout-meeting opportunities for Single Christians ( 25 years and over, across the spectrum of churches) in the often challenging environment of seeking a marriage partner.


Empathy: To recognise, respect and accommodate the views of others without compromise of our objectivity, as laid out and defined in the Scriptures (The Bible).

Transparency: To be candid and open amongst ourselves, in the way we conduct ourselves, business and in the delivery of events and Communications.

Integrity: To observe, record and promote the objective truth and use it as the ethical core of Comprehensive Communications in context of what happens at Hangouts.

Innovation: To possess unceasing professional curiosity and a capacity to turn the novel into new business practice.

Excellence: To always seek to be the best we can by combining knowledge and application.

Resilience: The physical, mental and moral capacity to endure while we maintain the highest Biblical and professional standards in the process of building friendships and relationships with a view to marriage.

Our commitment to Quality: By leveraging the power of our vision and values , Hangout4Singles is committed to the delivery of quality Hangout-meeting opportunities for Single Christians.


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