The first Hangout Event!…a brief report!


The first event was a success, as far as, the first visitor  ( preferring anonymity, smile! )  and myself, are concerned , smile! Basically speaking, the feedback from the first and only visitor was positive, to say the least. It was great to simply have a chat, in a relaxed, no pressure, safe, and laid-back environment. There was no pressure to reveal more of yourself than you are comfortable to do, for a first meet.  We had a  lively, engaging, interesting chat on a wide range of areas of interest. The Cafe Manager, at some point, came to remind us it was time we should get going, laugh! If anything, this first event, has increased my conviction that singles need more of these kind of regular, no-pressure, laid-back opportunities to meet others , as opposed to the often- one-off events where the pressure to interact, within an hr or two or three at the most, sometimes works against the best interests of the individuals.  and event. (I’m not underestimating the relevance of these events). With an event like this hangout, if you don’t like the vibes or event when you check it out, you simply don’t return. If you like the event, you return, spread the news, or even replicate it in your local area.  Alternatively, drop me a line and let’s have a discussion. The visitor was kind enough to shoot a picture, which we’d like to consider as a souvenir, of sorts, for the first event. Thanks visitor, your kindness to take the picture is much appreciated, smile! I’d encourage the reader to come to one of the Hangouts.


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