Purpose for this blog!!

Dear Single Christian,
This blog’s purpose is to document the, soon-to-start-experiences of Single Christians as they embark on a new weekly-hangout-experience in London. Hopefully, the concept will spread to several locations in the UK and beyond. The first event is scheduled to start in a Costa Coffee shop in Catford , South London on Monday, March 31st 2014.

This new weekly-hangout-experience  meets a vital need in the Christian’s Singles’ world – the need to meet regularly, preferably, weekly, as opposed to waiting for Singles’-Social-events weeks and sometimes months away. The concept allows Singles in a locality the opportunity to create their own ‘hangout-experience-opportunities’ on days they choose,in locations they choose, on a regularity they choose , preferably weekly. As they participate in the ‘Hangouts’ experience’ this blog will be one of several media opportunities to share their experiences with other  Singles and , indeed, the rest of the world.


The ‘Hangout4Singles’ experience/concept has a Vision and set of values that guide its delivery, management and evaluation! Please check out the related blog to check these out.

The blog will also serve the purpose of spreading the ‘Hangouts’ experience’  to other parts of London, the UK and the rest of the globe!

For further discussions on how to replicate the ‘Hangouts’ experience’ in your local area and or a chat with the author of this blog, please email me, Joseph O., at hangouts4singles@gmail.com

Enjoy the ‘Hangouts’ experience’! drop me a line. Together, let’s make this experience ‘even’ better!


Joseph O.


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